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Become a Speaker at DOAG Conference + Exhibition

Share your passion and knowledge with other participants: Be a speaker at this year's DOAG Conference + Exhibition by submitting your presentation between April 3 and June 4, 2018.

Large Community

With more than 2,000 visitors annually, the event is the highlight of the German-speaking Oracle community. Give a lecture and let the prevailing enthusiasm rub off on you!

Ticket for Free

Hold a lecture and enjoy three days of conference: As a main speaker you get free entrance to the Conference + Exhibition.

New Contacts

Benefit from the various networking opportunities of the conference, exchange views with other attendees and make new contacts.

Submitting Your Paper

Your Submission

At first, we will only need a short abstract (about 500 to max 1800 characters) from you. Choose an appealing subject and phrase your text carefully – first impressions count!


The DOAG conference + exhibition program offers the attendees an extensive variety of topics. 

Newcomer Program

First-time speakers without any experience on stage have the opportunity to be coached by an experienced mentor. Mark your lecture as newcomer by selecting the matching tick. 

Lecture Format

We are looking for lectures with a duration of 45 minutes. Whether your lecture is an experience or project report, focused on tips & tricks, new features or best practise – the more practical relevance, the better.

Beginner Level

Beginner level lectures have been a part of the DOAG conference + exhibition program for years now. If you submit a beginner level lecture, please let us know in the comment section why your submission is suited for beginners. 

Important Deadlines

Submit your lecture until June 4, 2018 via the CfP form.

You will be notified if your submission has been accepted or rejected by the end of July. Please have some patience.

The lecture program will be published online at the beginning of August.

We kindly ask all speakers to upload their presentations as an elaborated PDF document (about 4 pages, at least 9000 hits) until September 28, 2018. Please use our Word template.

After login at the DOAG 2018 Conference + Exhibition website click the button "Manage Lectures". You will see a list of all your presentations. Hit "Files" on the right side and upload the file from your PC. Lastly, hit "Save" and you are done!

We kindly ask all speakers to upload a PDF-file (maximum size 10 MB) of their Powerpoint presentations until November 12, 2018.

After login click the button "Manage Lectures". You will see a list of all your presentations. Hit "File" on the right side and upload the file from your PC. Lastly, hit "Save" and you are done!


Training Day Submission

The Training Day

On Friday, November 23, 2018 the practice-oriented Training Day will complete the DOAG 2018 Conference + Exhibition. The all-day workshop will allow attendees to obtain and deepen thematic knowledge. 

Application Process

If you wish to apply as a trainer for the DOAG Training Day, simply fill in the forms below and send them to officedoagorg until April 23, 2018:


Quicklinks and Contact

Simone Fischer Speaker care

Do you have any more questions?

Never given a lecture? Not familiar with the process? We will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Tel.: +49 30 6090218 27

Frequently Asked Questions

In our information for speakers you will find all important information about the presentation upload and your conference attendance.

Submitting your Paper

1. Use your account details (case sensitive!) to login on

2. Click on the button "Manage Presentations". A list of your papers will appear.

3. On the right side, click on the button "Files", then navigate to "Your presentations" and "Search" and upload the file as a PDF (maximum size 10 Mb) from your PC. Hit the save button – all set and done! 

4. In the area "Other Files" you can upload additional file formats, e.g. product codes, pictures etc.

Click on this Link to reset your password. Please enter the eMail address that you used in the registration process. You will receive an eMail with instructions within the next five minutes.

Until the assessment phase starts, you can edit your abstracts in myDOAG at any time.

If you wish to change your abstract after the evaluation, please contact vortragdoagorg. Make sure to include the title of your paper in the subject and explain your requested changes.

Badges, Replacement, Travel & Accommodation

Main Speakers
Main speakers receive free entry to the entire conference from Tuesday to Thursday. Naturally, you are entitled to attend other lectures and join the evening events. The training day on Friday is not included. If you would like to attend the training day, please book a ticket. 

Co-Speakers are not entitled to a free conference ticket. Please use the regular attendee registration and book a ticket at your own expense. 

You can appoint a replacement speaker for your presentation, however, the requirements are:

  • Your replacement is able to give your whole presentation fully
  • The DOAG agreed to transfer the ticket to another person

The DOAG is entitled to accept or reject replacement requests.

Upon Approval:
Please send your replacement's contact information to vortragdoagorg. Thereupon we will send the new entry badge by letter. If your replacement is appointed shortly before the start of the conference, they will have to pick up their badge at the counter on site.

Upon rejection:
Your ticket will be forfeit and your lecture slot wil be used differently. 

Normally, you will receive your badge by letter. However, this is only possible when there is enough time until the conference. Otherwise you can pick up your badge at the speaker's counter on site. 

If you did not receive your badge 2 weeks prior to the conference, please contact the DOAG Office

Please arrange your travel and accommodation yourself. The DOAG does not bear incurred costs..